Brothers Global Resources (BGR) proactively promote sustainable business networks between Japan and Madagascar to undertake the local development in Madagascar and provide long-term trustworthy local providers and customers to Japanese companies.

Our mission

– We represents small and medium-sized Malagasy enterprises (SMEs) in Japan.
– We strive to gain visibility and credibility for Malagasy SMEs in the Japanese market.
– We promote local economic development in the target countries

Our Vision

– BGR aims to be recognized as a real partners of our clients;
– We deliver services based on real needs;
– We are technologically advanced in our fields of expertise while remaining practical and business oriented .

We offer

– Trade facilitation and market support for both Malagasy enterprises and Japanese investors
– Advices, Market analyses, Business strategic planning needed when investing in Madagascar
– Investment, marketing survey and assistance to Madagascar
– Business introduction
– Negotiation Consulting

We can

– Provide raw and finished products from Madagascar, from food, raw material to mining product.
– Tailor our services to your need.